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Transport between Prague and Vienna Prague Airport Transfers

Prague Airport Transfers offers on-demand taxi and door-to-door minibus services, and you can book these services if you are looking to travel between Prague Airport or Prague Centre and Vienna (both ways). Prices for the transfers are quoted per vehicle for a group of passengers, with the destination being any location or hotel in Vienna, and all possible taxes and toll fees are included in the quoted price. Prices for large minibuses, which can carry nine or more passengers, are available on request.


Prague Airport <-> Vienna

Duration: 3 hours and 40 minutes; Distance: 352 km

Group Size 1-4 people 5-8 people More than 8 people
 Price CZK 6336 CZK 7920 Ask for price!
 Vehicle Sedan/Minibus Minibus Minibus/Coach

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Prague Centre <-> Vienna

Travel time: 3hr 20min; Distance: 331km

Group Size 1-4 people 5-8 people More than 8 people
 Price CZK 5958 CZK 7448 Ask for price!
 Vehicle Sedan/Minibus Minibus Minibus/Coach

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We offer three types of fares: One Way, Same Day Return, and Any Day Return.

One Way: Our standard charge.

Same Day Return: Pay only the one way fare and a waiting charge, and travel the return journey for free! This is the cheapest option for tourists travelling to and from their destination on the same day.

Any Day Return: Simply pay double the one way fare.


Waiting Fee Charge

A waiting charge will be added to your fare for instances where you have to wait. For example, if you wait at a location for some time before continuing on your journey, then a waiting charge will be added. However, this waiting charge will not be applicable for wait periods of less than 15 minutes.

The waiting charges are as follows:

1-4 people: CZK 220 per hour

5-8 people: CZK 280 per hour

Larger group: Contact us!


FAQs: Transfers between Prague and Vienna

Will there be stoppages for lunch or other breaks along the way?

Yes. We are more than happy for short stops along the way for no extra charge. However, if you decide to stop at a location – for example, stopping to explore Český Krumlov for a few hours – then a waiting charge will be added to your fare.

We are a group of four people looking to travel from Vienna to Prague. Seeing as your company is based in Prague, can you provide a transfer for us?

Of course. We provide transfers for tourists travelling between Prague and Vienna (both ways). Note that if you are booking a transfer which does not start in Prague, you need to pay for the transfer (or a deposit) in advance. You can also provide your card details as a guarantee.

Our group of four people has a lot of luggage. Can all of these fit in the sedan?

To avoid running the risk of not being able to fit all your luggage in the booked vehicle, let us know beforehand. We will arrange for a much more spacious minivan instead of the sedan, and for the same price as the sedan!

We are looking for the cheapest way to travel between Prague and Vienna. How do your prices compare to travelling by train or bus?

The comparison depends solely on the number of passengers traveling between Prague and Vienna. For one or two passengers, train or bus transfers are definitely cheaper than private transfers. For four passengers, the cost of private transfers is about the same as travelling by bus or train. For larger groups, a private transfer is generally cheaper than travelling by bus or train.

Why should we book a transfer with you instead of travelling by bus or train?

Booking a transfer with us provides plenty of benefits compared to travelling by bus or train. You will be able to travel in new and comfortable vehicles, enjoy a stop-free journey (unless you ask us to stop, for instance to have lunch), and avoid paying for transfers from the bus or train station, seeing as our service is door-to-door.

We are travelling with a small baby. Are baby seats obligatory and do you provide them?

Yes to both. Baby seats are required, and we do provide them for your little angels, free of charge.

Can your driver recommend some good places to have lunch and dinner?

Of course. Our friendly and helpful driver will gladly help you by recommending some good places to have lunch and dinner. Furthermore, our driver will also help you with any other queries you might have.

We are a group of 60 people looking to travel between Prague and Vienna. Can you provide a coach with a driver for that journey?

Definitely. To receive a price quote for that journey, get in touch with us!

Do you provide transfers to the city centre from Vienna airport or train station?

Unfortunately, no. At the moment we are only providing long-distance transfers from and to Vienna. For example, we provide transfers from Vienna and Budapest, from Vienna to Prague, etc.

We are very much interested in booking a transfer, but the prices are a bit too much. Can you give us a discount?

Regrettably, no. We believe our prices are very competitive, and thus we cannot provide any discounts. The only exception to this is in the case of travel agents. Travel agents can get discounts from us, but only through regular cooperation and by completing a minimum number of bookings. For more information, contact us.

Do your quoted prices apply for transfers between Prague and Vienna Airport (Schwechat Flughafen Wien)?

Yes, our quoted prices are valid for these destinations as well.

Do you have any cheaper shared shuttle transport between Prague and Vienna?

Unfortunately, we do not provide such a service for transfers outside Prague. If you are looking for a cheaper transfer, you could try travelling by bus or train. We can provide you with transfers from the airport to the train or bus station. In addition to that, we will be more than happy to advise you on the best transport available that suits your needs.


Transport between Prague and Vienna Prague Airport Transfers

Free Minibus Upgrade

More often than not, it can be seen that some airport taxis are unable to accommodate more than three passengers, and there will not be enough space in the sedan vehicle to fit all your luggage. By booking a transfer from Prague Airport Transfers, you can travel in groups of up to four passengers and carry all your luggage with you in a bigger vehicle, and for no extra charge. To use this service, simply choose ‘Minivan/Minibus Free Upgrade’ when filling in your booking form.

Note that this offer is not applicable for groups of five or more people, and only the minibus is available at standard price.


Transport between Prague and Vienna Prague Airport Transfers

We Accept the Following Forms of Payment

  • Cash upon arrival (we accept CZK, EUR, GBP, and USD)
  • Credit Cards (you can pay online or pay the driver directly)
  • We accept MC, Visa, AEMX, Diner’s Club, JCB
  • Bank transfers (corporate customers)
  • PayPal